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Somewhere between electronic music and jazz, TUKAN unveils a percussive sound with a heady groove. Led by four talented Brussels musicians, the band is inspired by artists such as Tortoise, BadBadNotGood or Lone. Following an analogical approach, TUKAN takes up the codes of electronic music and delivers a powerful performance on stage.

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TUKAN a vu le jour pendant la crise sanitaire. En plus, leur premier concert devant un vrai public a eu lieu pendant la première étape du Concours Circuit devant un jury de 30 personnes: “je me souviens de ce que je me disais dans ma tête juste avant le concert: je n’ai absolument aucune idée si ce qu’on a fait sonne bien ou si c’est absolument horrible.” Pour la suite, écoutez le podcast sur TUKAN.

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Jon Hopkins
"The CityGate studio is quite representative for Brussels because lot's of people cross paths. It helps to breathe life into this area of Brussels which is not very lively yet."
concert on 14 september 2021, 20:00   Monk
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