Brussels Jazz Alert

15 february 2022, 20:00
KFK Hope
sold out

• Number of steps entrance: 1
• Height threshold: 9 cm
• Inclined plane? No
• Narrowest point entrance: 130 cm
• Toilet: Ground floor
• Adapted toilet? No
• Support brackets: No


KAU Trio.
André Breidlid (drums), Matteo Genovese (bass), Jan Janzen (keys)
KAU trio. is an instrumental project based in Brussels, their music reflects the city where they were born. Taking inspiration from jazz, they create a head-bobbing atmosphere using bassy beats and catchy melodies. By implementing acoustic instruments, the trio stays true to an organic and rich sound, granting themselves the liberty for improvisation & spontaneous happenings.

Podcast (EN)

KAU trio. is an international trio based in Brussels. They met at the age of 13 in an international school and felt immediately a connection between them because of their love for music. After being together in a school rock band, the pandemic created a new moment to start a new project. They call their music instrumental jazz hiphop. For some tracks they invite other musicians but: "it's just like making bread and then you add the sauce on top. The sauce is the guest, we are the bread." This is just one of the many oneliners. Discover them all in this episode with KAU trio. !


Favorite Albums

Nubya Garcia
Josef Leimburg
Astral Progressions
"Balades Sonores has the best vinyl collection in Brussels. It's great to hang out and listen to some records to get inspired!"